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my deceased mom :(

I just woke up from a dream and this is just the second time that i dreamed of my deceased mother. She just passed away July 2016 and it was one or two months after that i first time dreamed of her, and the thing is i dont remember anything. I mean i exactly know i was dreaming but the time i woke up, i cant remember anything and when i was dreaming i cant even see or remember her face but i knew that was my mom. And this time i had my second dreamed of her. I was in the hospital and she was admitted to that hospital. I was in the outside of the building after i checked her out just to unwind until an earthquake occurred. I quickly going inside but the staffs said i should not go back inside. I can feel that i am worried because my mom is inside and shes sick. Until i saw her in the exit getting out with a guidance of a nurse, theres a part of the building thats falling exactly on the spot where my mom was but the nurse pushed her towards our way and the nurse was hit and buried with that thing of a building. i am with my mom and then my two brothers came. We get inside of a vehicle and evacuated to a some sort of hospital but this is kinda advanced like its not a normal hospital. then my mom is admitted again to that hospital and im with her along with my two brothers but later on. Out of knowhere and on what we are doing we noticed that my mom is facing the wall not us, and she was crying I guess, or sad, and we are talking to her and she didnt speak to us. She is just acting like that. I remember one of my brothers ask her if she remember us and she didnt answer. I asked her 2+2 maybe she will answer that just to check that her mind is still able or something but she didnt answer me also. She was okay after we evacuated and she was conversing with us before we evacuated so i dont know what happened after that. My brother called her doctor and thats the end of my dream. Can anyone please interpret my first and second dream of my deceased my mom.
My interpretation of the second one is that mom thinks we forget her and no longer visit her in the cemetery so im going to her before this day ends. Please help me with these two dreams. Thank you so much.

Posted 2 months ago

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Interpretation #1

*she was okay before we evacuated and admitted her to that weird evacuation center/hospital.
AND WHY ARE WE IN THE HOSPITAL ANYWAY? and why is she admitted to the hospital?
im so sorry for the typos. Thank you

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Answered By: jolojavier(2 points Novice)

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