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My deceased Mother

I had a dream, that my Mother moved into a new house. In her house, the fridge was stacked with groceries and it was very organized. She was still my Mother, but she was different. In my dream, I knew that my Mother had already passed away from cancer. My Father was sitting in there around us, but nothing about my surrroundings looked familar. My Mother , always enjoyed buying things and showing me what she bought, so she was doing this in the dream. Then I left the, and was later called by my Dad telling me that Mama was doing too good she kept complaining about her head and acting strange, and he was afraid her cancer came back. I have dreamed of my Mother a few times this week. It’s been a year since she passed.

Then, my dream went to me leaving and going to a friends house. I was around people, I can’t remember but we were sitting and laughing. Then all of a sudden someone said they would sprinkle some magic sprinkles over my lap, and suddenly I had a big large penis. lol I seen it raised up from the blanket, and I couldn’t hide it but I wasn’t ashamed of it. Then I uncovered it, and started touching it bc it was connected to me. I noticed when I touched it, it felt pleasurable and I wasn’t expecting to be able to feel anything when I touched it.
Then, I stood up and was trying to hide it, and I couldnt find a way to tuck it in my pants without it looking like I had my crotch stuffed. Then I woke up.

The dream of my Mother coming back and having a recurrence of being sick is common. It’s often she appears in my dreams the same, but a little different. She is always so happy to see me and I am so happy to see her. But she always gets sick and I know she will die.

Posted 1 year ago

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