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My Deceased Mother

It’s hard for me to remember exactly every bit of the dream but it was like I was dreaming inside of a dream. Within the dream I came into contact with my deceased mother who had died of an overdose due to prescription drugs. I am a big Christian and I know she was to however it was just difficult for her to kick her addiction. In the dream she seemed to be upbeat and playful, at times she was even laughing with the others around her (I could not make out the others around). I asked her if she was okay and she said she was and at that point all I could do was break down and cry and tell her how much I loved her and missed her. She continued to reassure me she loved me and was okay. Soon after her death I became pregnant and found out it was twins and twins do not run on my side or my husbands side either. In the dream I asked if she had anything to do with it and she kind of giggled. Then my phone rang and I awoke.

Posted 8 months ago

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Interpretation #1

I personally think it’s just a reassurance of your mom letting you know that she’s in a better place &’ she’s happy. My mom just passed in October, she was my world so you can only guess how broken I am right now, she still hasn’t came &’ visit me yet , I don’t know if it’s because I’m so angry if that’s the reason she can’t come through but I need some reassurance that she’s ok &’ I’m freaking out right now but that’s all i think it is.

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Answered By: Liyah4394(3 points Novice)

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