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My Deceased uncle.

My uncle has been deceased now for alittle over 8 yrs. I had a dream last night that he was still alive and in hiding. Similiar to real life, in the dream he had been gone (deceased 8 yrs) However, some family members were holding a deep secret that he was actually still alive. I found out his location and he looked different than what i remember as if to disguise his appearance. He had longer hair and a beard. In the dream, I found him looking very sad and I was crying wondering why he would make us believe he was dead and how much I had missed him. I don’t actually remember speaking with him …just finding him and my own emotions towards that. My uncles ashes have been stored in my father house now for almost 8 yrs. I was telling my father a few days before this dream that he should take his ashes to the cemetery and place them near his mother and other brother. Not sure why I dreamed this ????? Very confused….

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (9)

Interpretation #1

Finding your uncle in hiding and that too in a disguised appearance may mean that your uncle had some unfinished business which he is not willing to give up. He surfaced in your dreams after eight long years, so definitely there is something that he wants, but the fact that he looks sad could represent the fact that he has been unable to “migrate” to the other world because his ashes have not yet been taken to the cemetery. He might be waiting for the burial and as he has been denied it, he is fighting to live here albeit with a different identity.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

last night i dreamt that my uncle who had been deceased since i was five was alive. In my dream my family treated it as he had been gone away for a while and came back. I am now 23 it has been years since. In my dream it was so real i felt comforted and especially for his sister (my mom) more than you could imagine. The feeling was unexplainable happy joyful excited and a bit shy. Meeting him again which was weird and not understandable i was shy. He went out w me that night and somewhat during the  night we got into an accident everyone was perfectly fine but out of no where he had his head partially cut off in an accident we got into. I assumed he was dead, it brought horrible pain to me in my dream. i Have no idea where this dream came from or why it meant

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Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

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Interpretation #4 by Anonymous

I know exactly what your dealing with my grandma has been interpreting dreams forever my uncle recently died though I have a deceased Aunt who has been gone over four years I had a dream like that on time she didn’t talk though we were at a party and the more I talked to her the more she disappeared or didn’t answer. I told my grandma it was a message she left since she didnt talk it meant that she was long gone an once your cross over in dreams you can’t talk and she came to me to let me know everything will be fine not to worry and were ever she was she was happy.though your dream since your uncle was sad there is something in your family that has not been laid to rest and he is sad about it and as long as he isn’t smiling he is not going to be to rest. I hope this helps you. 

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Interpretation #5 by Anonymous

well… it could mean multiple things. in that dream, your uncle was crying. that probably means that he was unsettled before he died. secondly, he was probably trying to get to you and talk to you. (mostly about the cemetery thing)

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Interpretation #6 by Anonymous

i dream of my uncle who past away but for some srange reason we was walking down this road looking at yollow banana..

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Interpretation #7 by Anonymous

my uncle passed away four days after I gave birth and in July will be a year. I keep having dreams about him almost every other few nights and it’s like nobody else in my dream knows he deceased but me, and I cry all the time. and in one dream he had a lady come to me and told me he said he watches over me every night. I Just wanna know why I keep having dreams about him. it’s killing me to know..

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Interpretation #8 by Anonymous

what does it MEAN- if in DREAM , if uncle, who is dead, was appear live, and he is workin in the hospital, and u kiss him, what does it mean? give to ME only Honest Answer, NOW, NOW, NOW !!!!

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Interpretation #9 by Anonymous

My uncle died about a month ago and I had this dream about him where I was standing by myself and saw him in front of me. He was leaning on a cane and smiling and disappeared. Then I saw people walking by and asked my mom which was my uncles sister if she saw anyone and she said just me. Later on I saw my uncle walking to a gate sort of door and as he walked past it he disappeared

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