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my dog died (second time)

This is the second time I dream about by dog dying in less than two weeks time. This is heartbreaking and now with this second dream, it broke me even more so. I dreamt I was in the Netherlands, at my parents’ house and it seemed as if I was living with them, together with my 3 dogs. My first dog, my baby ate something which caused his death. I remember in the dream it seems like a couple of days had passed, but the feeling of total despair, heartbrokenness, and absolute emptiness kept invading my life. I remember my mother being there in my room, (although very calm) trying to comfort me in a very distant manner. My parents seem to be going out, and they knew I wasn’t going anywhere with them feeling the way I was feeling. I remember the sun was setting and it started to get dark, cold and an awful feeling of solitude crept in. I walk down, looking for my other dogs and open the door where my other babies were being kept. They get hyper and stormed out of the room (weirdly enough in the dream they seem to have messed up the place, which is something they will never do in real life) I enter the room and somewhere at the corner the is one light shining and below all the sudden I start feeling this horrid feeling of emptiness, but at the same time I felt my dogs presence. All the sudden I look again and the spirit of my dog starts to materialize and I open my arms asking him for a hug (which he does in real life) and we starts hugging like crazy, I break down in tears asking him what had happen, telling him how much I loved him, that I missed him… and even though we both knew he was dead, we started communicating telepathically with each other and he knowingly he communicated sadness, confusion and tried to deviate from the subject by trying to be funny by asking a rhetorical question…. That’s where I wake up in tears and hours later, still am heartbroken about this and confused as to why I have had this dream (although different scenarios) twice. Can anyone tell me what this might mean, please?

Posted 2 weeks ago

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