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My dog was killed

There were a whole bunch of random people in my yard and they were messing with my dog’s lot and someone had let him out. The neighbors dog got out to and was chasing him but they weren’t playing, the neighbors dog was trying to kill my dog, casey. I got casey back up in his lot n the neighbors dog somehow got put back in his fence and I started screaming at everyone there that you can’t do that. A guy from school walked over and told me I needed to calm down. I told him no pushed past him only to have some girl in my way saying that im not gonna talk to him (the guy from school) this way and that n I didn’t want to hear it. I tried to just push past her but she wouldnt let me. I somehow had casey’s leash which is basically a chain in my hand n when she wouldnt let me by again I hit her as hard as I could with it right across her cheek. I kept walking around the house but someone was messing with caseys lot so I went back got him out n started to walk around the house with him. Casey wears a choker collar and was pulling hard against it like normal so he was breathing heavy and it sounded almost like he was choking. Some other girl I’ve never seen comes up and tells me to quit choking him. i tried to explain I’m not but she won’t shut up. I tried to keep walking but she threw an empty bottle or something at me so I pulled casey closer to me got the chain part of his leash in my hand and hit her with it then hit her again and again just cause she pissed me off. I start walking around the house n when we got up on the carport casey came around in front of me and it looked like his back end was closer to the ground then it should’ve been then he laid down on the ground rolled over on his side and started licking where would normally be halfway down his leg but where there was now more of a stump. While I had been talking to the girl someone had cut the bottom part of his back legs off. I ran up the porch with the leash in my hand, i had taken it off and left casey laying there, screaming bloody murder tears running down my face. when i went to open the door there wasnt any blood on my hands but after I touched the door there was a blood smear. I didn’t care, I ran inside screaming for someone to help Me I called my dad screamed into the phone for him to help me then went to the kitchen grabbed a knife n went outside. My brothers baseball bat was laid up against the side of the carport like it knew what was gonna happen so I had it in one hand the knife in the other and casey chain wrapped around my wrist. I went into the backyard found the girl id been talking to and before she even turned around all the way I hit her right in the neck with the baseball bat. She was laying there probably with her neck broken, people were running up by now but i grabbed the chain wrapped it around her neck and started to choke her even tho she wasn’t moving. Someone pulled me off and without even looking I grabbed the knife and stabbed them dropped back to the ground with the knife still in my hand and went to stab her someone else grabbed me. I dropped the knife but I was able to grab the bat and I turned around and swung at them. I’m sure I broke a few ribs. By then people were standing back the girl was almost if not already dead so I grabbed the knife and stabbed both of her legs. I got up dropped the knife and walked away. That whole part of the dream sort of dissolved behind me. I went around and found casey lying there. He had lost his back legs and obviously bled out but there was no blood there. There was no blood on any of the bodies I had stabbed either but whenever I touched something there was always a bloody handprint or smear. It started to get dark and people tried to pull me away from casey but I wouldn’t let them I just laid there crying. I woke up feeling horrible and very confused about this dream. there were parts that i knew couldnt be real but the whole thing felt real. im just really confused. someone help please. also in real life im protective over my dog but i wouldnt kill someone like that because he got hurt/killed.

Posted 3 years ago

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Interpretation #1

This is really weird and the fact that you went on a mad rage just to kill someone who hurt your dog shows that you have perhaps too much bottled inside you. The dream shows that you need to learn how to handle the different unfavorable situations in your life. Things do not always work the way we want them to. You need to learn how to handle even those phases that will not work for you in the right manner. Get a grip over your emotions as you need to understand the right way of dealing with the problems.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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