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my eldest daughter

I was at a funeral for either my dad or my grandfather it was a male figure. My mother and I were walking out of the graveyard holding hands and my daughter was walking in front of us swinging a yellow flower back and forth , my mother was driving our old farm truck and I saw my mom get in , I saw my daughter get in and I jumped into the truck and my daughters nowhere to be found . I began looking all over for her screaming and crying and I was screaming at my mother ” where is my daughter where did she go mom help me find her ” and mom just sat there and blank stared at me . Well I finally look down and there is my daughter curled up hiding between my moms feet just watching me and I freak and grab her up and hug her and continue balling my eyes out and tell her i love her and how scared i was and please dont ever do that again and she looks at me and starts crying and says im sorry momma please dont be mad at me . and i wake up feeling panicky and unsure of my surroundings.

Posted 5 years ago

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Interpretation #1

To dream about the funeral of your living parent indicates that you have been in the bondage of their control. It indicates that you need to take a break and have your own freedom. However, this does not mean that you break the ties between you and them; it simply means that you need to get your own place where you are able to gain your confidence and freedom. Seeing your daughter carrying a yellow flower in the dream and then she suddenly hides between your mom’s legs indicates that you are slowly beginning to feel jealous that your mother is depriving you of the love of your daughter. Maybe you might not have felt it but the truth is that, it’s yet to happen. To be able to avoid this, you need to look for your own place with your daughter and settle in. In case you often go visiting your parents, it’s better to cut down on the trips.

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Answered By: mukuljain(674 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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