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my ex

in my dream I had just gotten out of work and was waiting for the metro to go home and ended up taking the wrong metro and had to wait for another to take me to the right place. I was leaning on a door and a friend started talking to me and asked me if he could take pictures of me to send to my ex and then told me he had sent 3. I turned around and I had ended up in a mechanic shop and I could see the people working there and one of them was my ex. my heart was racing and I just turned around staring at the street , I could hear them playing around laughing until one of them asked my ex ” Hey isn’t that your ex?” I turned around to see if they were talking about me and I saw my ex starting at me confused . I stayed outside leaning on the door and then he came and stood next to me. my ex; “what are you doing here ? ”
me; ” I’m waiting for the metro to go home”
My ex; ” *laughs*” yeah right this place is way toof far from your house or job”
me; ” well,… I don’t live with my parents anymore”
My ex; ” well how have you been?”
me; ” good and you ? ”
My ex; ” Good too, I don’t live in the same place anymore either.”
me; ” I know you live with her now.”
he looks down as if he was embarrassed with me knowing that and then looked at me and gave me one of those crooked smiles and those crooked smiles always ment he was hurting and didn’t want to admit it or talk about it, but that’s when he started telling me about it all, I just looked away and felt my throat being tied up like a knot and my eyes getting watery.
My ex; ” I had been talking to her for a long time and I’ve been living with her for a while………….”
he started telling me that his girlfriend has a kid and that they go out every weekend and go to places a kid might like, I turned around to look at him and he says ” I love her”. my tears fell and I couldn’t breath and as I gasp for air I wake up and I was in tears.

Posted 2 months ago

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