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My ex and one of my best mates dating

Ok i had a dream where one of my best mates was going out with my ex ,im still not over her and they allways flirt which annoys me as they used to go out and she told me she still likes him . I can tell that he likes her to but dennies it when I ask him , I get really jelouse. Also me and my mate have a love hate relationship and when we hate he likes to get revenge , example is when I broke up with her he asked her out the next week and kept on flirting with her right in front of me. Anyways in the dream he went out with her but he came to me for guidance as to how he should ask her out , as this has happened in real life before I hated it but I didn\’t want to seem like a bad friend so I helped him to ask her out. She said yes and kissed him next to me . Then the setting was in my front porch when it was dark and rainy he said goodbye to her and she kissed him and walked out ,I got jelouse . As she got out of my drive she saw my I Other friend and started kissing him my mate saw it but forgot straight away. Later on I reminded him of what she did and he dumped her . All of a suddern the setting then changed to a hot day and i was half in and out sitting in a cool car . My dad was there aswell but he got deported to New Zealand 2 months ago , and he saw Chloe and some of her family and started talking to her ( in still in and out of the car). And he asked her if she wanted to come to mine for dinner she said yes and my dad said weel have maori bread (a type of New Zealand food) and I felt as if it was set up and I didn\’t want her to come . My dad came back in the car and shut the doors I winded down my windo and Chloe walked over to me but it looked nothing like her but I knew it was her Inside and she gave me batterd icecream (i don\’t know why ). And my dad shouted out pick you up at six as he started the car and we drove off really quick. What do all of the parts of this dream mean and thank you for helping me out

Posted 1 year ago

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