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My ex boyfriend crying in my dream…

Long story short, my ex boyfriend of 3 months broke up with me (technically I found out on social media that he was in a relationship already so it was like he didn’t tell me himself) April 10 but he has been seeing another girl behind my back since mid-March.. Aroud that time he has became a total different person and he also told me that if he wanted to break up with me he would do it to my face. (Yeah right) I remember the first few weeks of the break up, I didn’t know what to do or how to move on. I didn’t sleep, eat, want to be around friends or family, etc. I was a wreck. When I did sleep, I would see him in my dreams. At first I wanted to be back with him so much, but he had cut all contact with me including deleting me from all social media on April 10 so I wouldn’t see his “new” life with his new girl… I’m slowly recovering as some days I think about him all the time and some hardly ever. A few nights ago I had a dream I was in a thrift store near furniture and I so happen to see him there. I can remember that I confronted him about what he did to me. Then he looked me in the eyes and told me “This is why I can’t tell you things, you’re one track minded.” Now I do remember him saying this about me but not towards my face. We basically start arguing and I began crying. Next he sat down on a couch, face down and started crying. I have looked online to see what this dream interpretation could mean but I’m getting various answers. I know I’m the only one who can know what this could mean, but I’m clueless as to why he would cry to me in a dream. I know this is my dream, but Im not fully sure I can understand it on my own. Any and all help would be lovely please.

Posted 1 month ago

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Interpretation #1

i think that your mind might be playing you,like u have been wishing for him to come and and explain everything to you and apologize so u could find closure (so that scenario is being played in your dream) u feel like he owes some kind of explanation and apology…or it might mean that he is actually regretting and wanting to come to you and apologize at least, for his actions but he don\’t know how u might take it …lol am just thinking

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Answered By: thaira(5 points Novice)

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