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My Ex Boyfriend’s New Girlfriend

This past week or so I’ve been having dreams about my ex’s new girlfriend and I can’t figure out why. Most of my dreams are bit of a blur except this one particular dream. His new girlfriend and I are very similar from what he told me. So in my dream it was a bunch of his and my old high school friends we were all throwing him a surprise party at Chuck E. Cheese but he called and told us he was gonna be a little late because he had to stay at work. As we wait his new girlfriend walks into the door and I instanly froze. She spoke to everybody and came up to me and introduced herself to me. {I know more about her than she knows about me in real life and I know how she looks she doesn’t know how I look.} I told her my name and went to continue hanging with the others. The party was going great. I went sat down at another table to go inform my ex that she and I was in the same room {my ex and I was sneaking around.}. She came sat next to me and started to tell me some of her secrets and issues in her life {I already knew about because my ex told me} and she started to cry. I gave her my advice on what she should do and she hugged me and asked me to take pictures with her on snapchat. Then she started showing me pictures of her and my ex together and deep down inside i could feel the heat inside of me but the outside of me kept smiling. She asked to add herself on snapchat off of my phone. I told her sure until I seen my phone had sooo many messages from my ex and his name was on the screen. It seemed like the faster I tried to clear it off the harder it was to hide it from her. He kept texting me and his name kept popping up and once I finally got to the app she took my phone typed her name in and gave it back to me. As soon as she gave it back he sent another message. I looked at her face and she was more than happy because she was on facetime with him as he was heading his way to the party. As soon as he got there all of our friends warned him. She grabbed him and introduced us to each other, we both acted as if we didnt know one another and went sat down at the tables. A few minutes past by and I had decided to leave, seeing them together was making me sick. She asked for my number and I gave it to her. She texted me saying i’m her new BFF, I smiled and walked away then I woke up. Can Somebody please help me with this ? These dreams of her are driving me insane.

Posted 4 months ago

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