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my ex fling

Ok before I start this off I have to give you some info on my life. I moved far away from home a couple of months ago to be with my bf who was transferred for work, not long after I moved here. I’ve been homesick a lot lately but I know this is the best place for me being as there is no opportunity for me back home and alltgere is is a bunch of drama I don’t need. Well before me and my bf got back together we had stayed broken up for about a year and I was seeing someone else that I had strong feelings for.

So in the dream I found out I was pregnant for my fiancee after taking two pregnancy tests, which is impossible because he hasn’t had his vasectomy reversed yet. Well not long after I found out I was pregnant the ex showed up andwe kissed and he said my fiancee couldn’t do anything for me and wanted to be with me and he gave me this weird ring with a bird on it. I told him I would go back home with him. My fiancee was heartbroken and packed all of my stuff for me and told me he was done with me forever. Well when it was time for me to leave I was looking for my fiancee and he was no where to be found and I was terrified something bad had happened to him.

Please help me. I’m so confused by this dream.

Posted 4 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

The dream shows your state of mind which is full of confusion. You have taken a big decision and now you are not sure as to whether it is for the good or not. The dream is showing a side of your personality as you tend to judge things a lot. You are not sure of the decisions you take and even after you have taken a decision, you still have second thoughts about it. So, you need to be more confident as after you have made a decision or picked someone, make sure not to look back and regret.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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