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My ex, His new wife and a newborn baby.

I had a dream that I traveled a long road through mountains to go visit family members. And my parents and I arrived at a hotel but my family members room was around a corner. Right before turning the corner I see my ex holding a newborn baby thats crying desperately. And I see his now wife which I have knowledge that they have problems trying to fix a very disgusting stove to heat up milk. As we pass by them I brush against my exs back so that he would noticed me. And when he saw me he put down the baby and came running around the corner to me but since my family had already opened the door and were hugging us, he sat to the side on the floor. I couldnt bare to hear the baby cry like that anymore so I went back and offered to help her and I picked up the baby. It looked malnourished but it was so adorable. And my ex was standing in a position where I can see him but his wife couldnt and he was smiling. It occurred to me that he baby was allergic to the milk. Supposedly in the dream I took out my phone and googled it. And supposedly it came up that happens when you take hormones to be able to become pregnant and I told her and she accepted it. I looked at my ex and he was enraged because they economically are not ready for a baby or emotionally ready. And I took some water from a gallon and poured it into a bottle and fed the baby and it calmed down. So I guess seeing how I was better with the baby he got so angry and walked up and told her that we were taking the baby. And we walked off together and I woke up.

Posted 4 years ago

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Interpretation #1

To see yourself involved with your ex’s kid shows that life is about to get messy. If you have feelings for your ex, it simply means that life may take you through roads where you may be with him again. However, if it is not so, the dream is hinting at the possible meeting with your ex again. The dream is hinting that you are about to meet incidents from your past and the involvement of such incidents can have a direct bearing on your future. It is not mandatory that you will actually have your ex’s baby to take care of, however, your love life is likely to see a lot of movements.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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