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My ex with another girl who was a friend

There were people in my year all around me. Suddenly, the head year told everyone to pair up with someone of the opposite sex. Everyone had their pairs. My best friend’s ex came to me and we partnered up as he also didn’t have a partner. We then went to a place which had a very long tables with food and drinks. Everyone was in two parallel lines facing each other in boy girl boy girl, but also sitting next to their partners. I looked around and to my right, i saw my best guy friend sitting next to me, but he didn’t act like himself at all. He was just staring into space and ignoring me which he rarely does. To my left I saw more people talking to each other. Not too far to the left.. I saw my ex. With a girl. The girl was a friend of mine but also his in real life. They seemed closer than the others. She was holding on to his wrist, then hugging his arms, then being so close to each other that if someone nudged either of them, they would kiss. I could hardly breathe then. I don’t know why. It wasn’t surprising to me because in real life she is like perfect and alot of guys wanted her. I saw my ex’s eyes turn to me. I quickly turned away to my right and closed my eyes shut. I opened them and I didn’t see anyone around the tables but on the floors instead. I have been crying silently. There were tears on my face. I stood up and didn’t see my partner anywhere. Then I spotted him with his girlfriend, my best friend. I looked around to see if anyone else didn’t have a partner, but everyone did. I was the only one without. I felt alone then. I then sat down next to a close friend on mine. I rested my head on the table with my arms crossed above them. When I got back up, my ex and his girl partner was in front of my but a little to the left. They had a spot light on them. She was being all cutesy to him. And he was trying to be shorter but still taller as she was short. He was teasing her. They were laughing.. Smiling and gazing into each others eyes. Looked like they won the couple award ir something. I rested my head on the table again in the same position as before. I felt like crying and for no reason. Then.. I heard someone play piano. It was ‘Lacie’. A melody that I absolutely love. I straightened up and saw that my ex was playing the piano. He does in real life too. But in this dream he was plaing it on an iphone and ipad. I whispered “Lacie” and he smiled. A tear dropped from my right eye. But how did he know this song? I thought.  He hasn’t seen where it was from yet. When he finished playing, he gave his iPad to the girl next to me and said to play whatever game. I looked at him for a moment then when I saw him look at me I quickly turned away. I smiled at my friend, then I stood up. And walked away. Because I can see the dream in both first person and third person, while I was walking away, I saw my friend look at my ex and nodded. He was heading in my direction., but.. His girl partner held his hand and stopped him halfway. He turned around and looked at her. And she just hugged him tightly. I see myself turning my head to the side to see him holding her. My chest was hurting. I looked away and just kept walking. I was wondering if anyone noticed and would stop me from walking away. But no one did. 

Posted 3 years ago

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