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My Fiancè of 4 years cheating on me

The first thing I remember is that we rescued a stray cat that this woman found. We welcomed the cat into our home and then went to bed but for some reason we did not sleep in the same room. When morning came, I went to wake him up and found this girl running from his window. I then confronted him and he said it was a one time thing so I let it go because I cheated in our first year together. Our day went pretty normal but then when we went back to bed I felt that something was wrong. I went to check his room and when I walked in I noticed the window was slighty cracked but did not see the girl. As I turned aroumd, she was standing right behing me. She started to give an explanation but I quickly woke my fiance and demanded an explanation. He started to to try to say a few words but I could only hear the girl. I did not recognize this girl, but I couldnt help but feel as though she was someone I would get along with in different circumstances. Anyway, midway through the explanation, I woke up because it was as I knew I could remove myself somehow. And I did.

Posted 4 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

Your relationship is not working for you. The fact that you saw your fiancé cheating on you, not just once but repeatedly means that may be you are stuck in the wrong lanes of friendship. You need to do something to ensure that you can sort out the mess that your romantic life has become. The presence of the girl is an indication of how messed up things are for you. It is high time that you sort out the troubles and problems and come to the right decision regarding what you should do to ensure that you are with the right man.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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