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my friend back hugged and kissed my boyfriend

I can’t remember how it started. We were in a hut doig our projects. I was sitting on the floor right with my boyfriend who was a meter away. Then came my friend (in reality she is somehow childish, really doesn’t like my boyfriend and picks fight with him, she is secretive about her own love life and when we ask her who she likes she laughs and keeps quite and is all shy and shakes her head – we really don’t get along with her that well). At first she started back hugging my boyfriend. He didn’t even flinched nor stopped her. Then they were talking like it was the most normal thing to do while I watched in disbelief my gayfriend too was gawking at them. My boyfriend was just busy doing his project. Then my friend who was giggling while talking to him, her top vanished and she was pressing too much of her front on his back then she started kissing his nape. Which angered me. Completely in rage, I walked out and into a secret room under the hut. I cried and was totally mad. My boyfriend came told me that I’m usually like this when I get jealous. He was somehow irritated in my dream, like he doesn’t like it when I get mad and walk out when I get jealous. So I told him, she isn’t the type to do that! You didn’t even stop her! She doesn’t do those things (she is like a child, innocent but she understands dirty jokes). I am so angry. I am so hurt. I feel so betrayed – I told him. Then came my gayfriend and he said that my friend stop what she was doing when she saw me leave. He said that my friend was shocked and looked guilty. The next scene I could remember was me wanting a hug from him but could’nt do so because he doesn’t really like hug. The last scene was me crying and screaming the whole time while they were a few meters away from me. Then I woke up mad and heartbroken.

Posted 1 year ago

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