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my friend had a haircut and lost all his hair

i had a very vivid dream last night about my close friend. my friend {who i care a lot about} went to get a hair cut and i went with him. his hair is black, curly and midlength. the hairdresser cut his hair really short and by the time the hairdresser had finished all he was left with was really short, pale, thin hair {kinda like an old womens hair} and then he went to touch his hair in stress that it was gone and all of his hair came off and all he was left with was this black crumbs of dirt, kinda like headlice poo and we was both stressed by this and thats all i really remember. i am currently stressed and worried about him {recently just found out he’s been doing cocaine and i dont know how to aprouch this} any help would be great, thanks.

Posted 5 years ago

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Interpretation #1

Hair represents our Thoughts as well as Vitality.  To dream of your friend getting all of his hair cut off, shows that he is definitely not thinking clearly or thinking at all.  Then to lose his hair and what ‘s left of it be like an old person suggests that the path he is on at present , unless he changes it, will destroy his youth and vitality, zap his health and make an old person out of him.
show him this dream of yours and the response.

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Answered By: TravelLight27(140 points Dream Expert)

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