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My friend who died 12 years ago re-dieing and coming back to life

My friend Eli died 12 years ago when I was 14. He was a very happy, goofy, loving person. He always got picked on in school because he was kind of nerdy. He died suddenly and unexpectedly. The day he died he asked me if I wanted to come over and play video games, I said no, let’s do it tomorrow. I was tired. So I never got to go play with him and have always felt bad about it. I have not thought of Eli for a while, until last night when I dreamt this:

Eli was still alive, and then he died. I felt very sad and cried really hard for a long time. He then came back to life, but only I could see him. He took me on a strange vacation. We were walking through this beautiful, bright, tropical place, with amazing plants I have never seen. There was a large cliff/wall and we both almost fell over it and were hanging on the edge, when someone saved us. And we kept walking through this tropical wonderland. When we arrived at our intended destination it was an underground hotel without any windows. We were told we had to shower before entering the hotel.and that once inside we would not be allowed to leave for 4 days. I was frightened by this and felt claustrophobic about being locked in an underground building. I said I didn’t want to go in there.

Then I woke up. Feeling sadness and confusions. What does any of this mean?

Posted 4 months ago

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