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My girlfriend being raped

In the dream, my parents and my girlfriend were coming to visit me and they were staying at a hotel. It was as though I was watching a movie and I was the main character but only I was the audience as well. It skipped to my friends room and through his window I saw 2 women in a cage and he was talking to them, about what I dont know. They looked as if they were zombified, not showing any emotion. There was something else but I cant recall. It skips again and this is where my heart shatters and I feel the most hatred Ive ever felt. I see my friend walk out of his closet and my girlfriend has her back to me bare naked and I know that he raped her. Its skips again and Im at Walmart with the 2 girls. They seemed good and doing great but they handed me a pistol to kill my friend. Its skips again to outside his door and I kick it down to find that my girlfriend isnt there but he is. I grab him by the heck and choke him until i feel his life leave his body. It felt good but scary at the same time. When he finally died his face became red and a animated cat with bulging eyes that exploded( very confused on that). I found her phone and began to track her location which is weird because if I have her phone then how can I track her? Anyway I FaceTime her and shes in a cage. I wake up from my dream but I think Im still in my dream. I jump out of my bed, grab my phone, and run out my door in nothing but shorts. I called her as I was running and it hit me that I wasnt dreaming anymore. I broke down right there in the middle of the hallway. I was so relieved but so struck with fear that I couldnt help but cry and Im not one to cry. This happened weeks ago and i havent had a dream quite like that since. Were good but it scares me. If you could possibly help me out, I would appreciate it more than youll know. Thank you.

Posted 5 months ago

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