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my good friend falling down a flight of stairs

i couldn’t grab her and she was falling the all of a sudden there was a steel door and i hoped she wouldn’t hurt herself then she fell on all fours trying to stop herself from getting hurt but she banged her head then i called her husband to tell him she was in the hospital

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (3)

Interpretation #1


Ask yourself what the qualities of your good friend are or what she represents. Now search for those qualities inside yourself.  It seems those qualities inside you are in danger of slipping or have actually already slipped – you can’t get a hold of them (i couldn’t grab her). As they slip (falling down a flight of stairs) there’s a real danger that you could hurt yourself (i hoped she wouldn’t hurt herself ). You are trying to stop yourself from getting hurt (trying to stop herself from getting hurt) and whatever it is that is slipping inside you is making you think, or, more likely, actually giving you a headache (she banged her head). Actually I suspect that something that has happened, or that you have allowed to happen, might have already hurt you ( she was in the hospital.) although on the positive side, this dream could equally be a warning not to let yourself slip because if you do it will really lead to hurt.
Now ask yourself  what the qualities your good friend’s husband possesses. Find those qualities inside yourself. This energy (these qualities) might be able to help you in some way, depending on how your good friend and her husband get on. Try to see/understand how they get on and if the way they get on might help you not to hurt yourself. And in case they don’t get on, then understanding the difficulty in their relationship could help you too.

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Answered By: Valute(8 points Novice)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

I guess you already figured out that it is not really a positive dream:

There is some issue that is hard to confront. It could be because of a lack of confidence, some changements, regret or a lack of support.
Do not make things hard for yourself, even if you think you are sure about something. Avoiding an issue does not solve it ;-)
So go and confront the issue, even if it is hard to do! It will only make things easier for yourself!

Good luck!

The Full Time Dreamer (also on Facebook and Twitter @dreammeaning)

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Interpretation #3

Seeing your good friend falling from the stairs signifies that your friendship is at risk. This dream does not imply that your friend is about to meet an accident, but rather it means that both of you are about to face a tiring test of friendship as you would soon have differences which can impact the friendship bond that glues both of you together. Further, the appearance of your friend’s husband in the dream means that either he will be the cause of the conflict or he can be the key to the resolution of the conflict. One cannot predict it with assurance because you did not see the end of the dream as to whether the husband proved to be of help or not.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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