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my house burned down for real a few months a go.

In my dream I was at my neighbours house waiting to go into my house to collect my belongings before they were taken away by the council, my neighbour was having her carpet taken up and there was a puddle of water on the kitchen floor but when I went to mop it up the mop head wasnt there anymore. I left my neighbours and found myself in a park with a pack of dogs playing, one of the dogs belonged to my mother (the dog had died in the fire) i carried on past them heading to my house and i found myself at my partners house with my 6 year old son. My partner had just found out some bad news about his mom and started drinking and getting aggressive towards my brother (i have no idea where my brother came from) i left wuth my son and we finally got to my house, there was pieces of my property all over the garden, i went inside and although my house was burned beyond recognition my personal belongings werent burnt, i saw a bookshelf of my dvds and then i woke up.

Posted 2 years ago

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Interpretation #1

Most likely this is more about your personal belongings. A fire to ones home is not only devastating from losing a loved one or pet. It’s devastating to ones personal image. Our belongings are an extension of our self. It shows our likes and our interests. It gives insight to people about who we are and what we think of ourselves. Dvd, cds, stuffed animals little trinkets and knick knacks is another way of expressing who we are. Most likely you are missing these things cause your feel like right now you cant express yourself truly right now.

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Answered By: PhauxRedwood(3 points Novice)

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