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my husband marrying the other woman

After 13 years of marriage and four kids my husband moved out and separated from me but was still going back and forth between me and other women. I was devastated and wanted him back and tried hard to get him back. I felt like life wouldnt be worth living without him. One night I had a dream he got married to the other woman he was involved with. It was so clear and vivid, and i can still remember it to this day. At this time in my life, he was telling me he still loved me and planned to come back to me but said he just needed time. Because of the dream I emotionally prepared myself for the possibility that he might not ever come back to me and that he might move on with someone else so I wouldnt be totally distraught if it happened. 2 years later after months of heartwreching episodes of him coming back and forth into my life he married the exact woman that I had a dream about. I just want to share that I believe through dreams people can be forewarned about devastating events that will happen to us in order to prepare us. Has anyone else had similar forewarning dreams?

Posted 3 years ago

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Interpretation #1

Yes, dreams have a way of narrating a few things before they happen. However, dreams are more subtle and they show you things that are not meant directly. The fact that your husband married the exact women might be a coincidence. What the dream really inferred is that the man is not worth your time because there were too many hits and misses with him. The fact that he was rolling between being with you and the other woman was in itself a signal that it was time to close this chapter for once and for all. Dreams do have a way of predicting the future.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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