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My mother and I were driving down a steep incline over water & ships

My mother was driving, which is unusual since she was always a nervous driver, and doesn’t drive any longer. We were driving along nicely until my mother took the wrong turn, which was the first turn. We didn’t realize we were on a narrow incline until the turn was made. We were supposed to take the second turn that would lead to a parking area. I became nervous while we were descending the two high iron beams because I am the only family member that can swim. While this was a large body of water, there was a slightly submerged road for us to drive on when we reached the bottom of the beams. This made me feel better. There were ships and submarines all around us. I don’t recall the faces of anyone else being with us but it felt as though my sister and brother were in the back seat, as we are all often together in my dreams.

Posted 1 year ago

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Interpretation #1

Eureka! I got it.

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Answered By: adreamman(2 points Novice)
Interpretation #2

It turns out that my mother and I had very similar dreams over two nights. I had suspected this before we spoke. She too had gone online to look for interpretation just hours after having the dream. The night after my dream I called, and we were able to compared our dreams. There were pieces we could add to each others dream that led to seeing an even fuller picture. The water represents deep emotions that can move in many directions. My mother was driving so to some degree she was guiding many of the emotions. I can help more in deciphering these emotions and apply a forward moving interpretation. The iron (metal) beams are strong, faithful, rich and affluent. The ships represent overcoming adversities; leaving from this place and going to another one that is more bountiful, expansive, and rich. Leaving behind the past woes. The color of the water is very important. Fortunately the large body of water was clear in both dreams, indicating that our path is now more clear. Taking the first turn reminds us that we have a choice in the direction our lives take, good or bad. Our participation helps to create the outcome.

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Answered By: adreamman(2 points Novice)

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