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My pets getting hurt

I remember it was as if someone was trying to cause my family grief and as I walked outside the front door of my house I saw my dog (golden retriever, named Tobias, or Tobi for short) was laying infront of the garage. I went over to tell him to go inside and when i got there i found that his neck was snapped and the bone was protruding. obviously he was dead. I woke up absolutely horrifyed. I fell back asleep and saw that the same scenario was happening so i mustve changed something. I instead started to look in our mailbox. Lots of mail for me. One from my cousin whom i never speak with. As i look down i notice my two cats circling my feet, except their tails are laying on the ground as if someone chopped them off. I run screaming into my house to find medication all over my kitchen. pain meds for my cats. some strange guy and my mother had decided it was a great idea to chop the tails off my cats in which i proceeded in screaming at her asking her “what the hell is wrong with you.” we got violent with eachother and the last i remember someone was pulling me off her and she didnt even look ashamed about what she had done. i was pulling glass out of my leg and sobbing and then i woke up… actually crying. Absolutely terrifying!

Posted 4 years ago

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