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Naked small bald creature like man with chainsaw chases me

It started I was on picnic with 2 teachers and my friend and the teacher started getting all pervy trying to touch up our skirts and stuff and so I made an excuse to leave, weird part is I was the age I am now, 18 anyway I could hear the teacher shouting come back were not done with you as I was getting a little sprint on. I got far away enough to be able to calm down a little bit and soaked in the lovely natural woods I started being able to breathe properly when I saw something to my far right sort of hiding behind a tree, I could hear snarling it was the most disgusting sound you could possibly imagine and then I saw him/it and he was smaller than me in height due to a crippled and hunched over back very very pale, bald with strands of stringy hair and the most horrendous eyes when he turned round huge black and green eyes and then he swung a chainsaw round that he was hiding behind the tree and noticed he had REALLY long dirty nails I started running manically and he ran after me sort of on his hands and feet through the woods and then into the streets where I was manically screaming for help, a young couple putting shopping in their car hear me screaming and rustling out of the bushes but just as I reach them he hacks me up

Posted 1 year ago

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