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I was with my family in this big masion, all of a sudden the nazi came into our house and changed it to an hogwarts academy for nazi childern all range of childerns.

I followed the Nazi taking my sister and 3 other people for doing something wrong can’t remeber what, and put them in a freezer to die in.

But my sister got away I was like where is my sister and I saw here go through the other door of the freezer and punch an guard.

I ran with her to get her away before anyone notice. We found one of her rooms in the Masion/Hogwarts, Which was called the creativity room when we open the door it was pitch black and scary we knew that the creativity had die all becuase the nazi destoryed it for no reason I can think of.

So we ran to hide her away from the kids, and the nazi. The next hall away I stubbled upon was a teacher and a few school kids teenagers talking about nazism and I looked at two doors looking like classrooms, one on the right was sociology, and another was naziology and I was wondering why only those two subjects.

So we continued trying to get to her bedroom, it was in one of the tower area so a lot of stairs, there was no gaurds around thank god, but we got to her room, switch the light on and some school kids came upstairs and we started decorating for christmas. However, I kept looking if the Naiz knew where we are.

Posted 2 years ago

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