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I had a dream that me an my boyfriend and kids were at home. Something went wrong with my 10 month old and we had emts there that checked her out said she was healthy besides her eyes turned yell when you shined the light in them. So after the emts left we went to sleep. I woke up in my dream grab my 10 month old because something was wrong. I took off running with her out the door and down a road surrounded with trees. As I was running a red car I there drove by going the opposite direction. Then drove by me again going in the same direction I was. When the car passed my daughte was gone out of my arms. I was running around trying to talk to people and ask if they had seen her but they couldnt hear or see me. I tried touching them and still nothing. So I turned around and started walking back the way I came and I saw another road but at the end of that road was a grave yard. Standing at the beginning of that road where my mom and my aunt. I overheard my mom say we cant find her. My aunt said ok I will go tell her boyfriend who was setting on a bench by the graveyard. My mom turned around and I followed her going back in the same direction I had just ran through. Then we got to a wooded area of the road and she was telling everyone to look in the woods for me. I started yelling at her I am here can you see me. And my 2 year old said mommy I can see you. I told her to tell her meme and she did but my mom said mommy is gone. And my mom started to walk away when my 8 year old told me she could hear me I asked her where my baby was and she said in the stroller. Then I turned and followed my mom to the otherside of the road where my boyfriend was he had found my body laying over something in a wooded area right by the road. I started screaming if I am dreaming wake me up over and over again. My boyfriend grabbed my body and was trying to move me off of whatever I was on. Then I woke up.

Posted 1 year ago

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