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Last night I had a dream I was outside with my boyfriend and my 1year year old son was in a stroller & my uncle (who has a disability) was pushing him around, well something didn’t feel right I looked over and I see my uncle pushing my son away down the street on the side walk and my uncle looks at me with this evil grin and goes fast , I tried running to my son and I turn to my boyfriend and start yelling at him to run get our son something wasn’t right because I couldn’t run I couldn’t even walk fast it was like I was stuck and my boyfriend was telling me it’s okay , then we look up and my son is standing on top of the car with my child by his throats and I look towards the traffic and my baby is crying and I’m struggling to move and he throws my baby infront of cars and all the cars start running him over and it was like he was going into pieces , in my dream I’m screaming dramatically I still couldn’t move my heart hurt I felt so sick to my stomach and I look over to my boyfriend and he’s stuck he couldn’t move but he’s as well crying for our son. As I turn around this man who I thought was my uncle was literally right in my face with that same evil smile staring at me and all I could feel was rage I wanted to hurt him and I woke up so sick to my stomach I couldn’t go back to sleep i was so terrified I checked on both my kids and just cried , Iv never had such a horrible dream before.

Posted 3 months ago

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