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Non-existing Dad and Dead Sisters

I had a dream where I was moving into a house (House I have never seen before) with my mom (She was my mom irl) to live with a man who I didn’t recognize. I think my relation to him was I was his daughter. We were moving because something had happened and he needed someone to come live with him because until this time, he had been living alone. I recognized the house and I had a room and everything. It was like I was coming home after years of being away. On a table in the living room (I think it was the living room. It looked like a living room.) was a picture of three girls. I recognized them and my eyes started tearing up. They were my three “sisters” who had died. I don’t have any sisters in real life. They looked like me and I knew where the picture had been taken, even though the background was blurry. It had been behind the house. I saw the man for a short while, and my dream self recognized him, but when I woke up, I had no idea who he was. Then the dream skipped to me trying to fall asleep in a room that had three dolls made in the likeness of my “sisters”. But their eyes were glowing and I felt like I was being watched. I turned on the light and threw the dolls out of my room and down the hall, one at a time. After I threw the last doll, I heard an “OW!” come from the hall and, moments later, my mom walked in holding all three dolls.
“Can we please get rid of these things?” I asked as we walked to the toy room down the hall from my room. “They’re creepy.”
“Yep.” My mom started grabbing all the dolls in the toy room and piling them in the middle. “We’ll get rid of all of them in the morning.”
I helped and once we had all the dolls in a pile, the dream skipped forward again. Now I was sitting with my “dad” and he was telling us the reason that we had needed to move in with him. Apparently, my three “sisters” had been haunting him, trying to get him to commit suicide. Then another skip forward. It was night and the three girls were standing in front of me behind the house. I asked them what they wanted and the one that looked to be the oldest answered.
“We wanted Daddy to join us. But now you’re here. And now he won’t come. So we want to join you again.”
Then the dream fast forwarded. It was like I was watching a movie, but it was blurry and fast forwarding with no sound. Then, my viewpoint was then as though I was floating in the sky, I saw myself leaning out a window as my “sisters”, now solid, flew away from the house. They looked like they did in the picture mentioned earlier, but instead of a chocolate brown, they were glowing yellow.

Posted 1 year ago

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