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Not last night, but frequently. Shadows outside windows.

The dreams are always the same, or along a similar theme. It is me, a dream-self, attempting to relax or sleep in a place that is familiar and safe to me. My childhood bedroom, my parents’ guest room, my own bedroom that I share with my husband, or our couch in the livingroom. Outside? The night is either clear, or exceptionally foggy. An inordinate amount of spindly, leafless trees are silhouetted against the blue sky. Not the environment that normally surround the places listed above. My home is enclosed by a deck. My parents home has rosebushes for instance.

And amongst the trees is.. something. Always a shadow, always a silhouette. It moves among the trees with erratic, bird-like motions. Abrupt, and inquisitive and then slow and deliberate as though it has focused in on me. And then it watches.

Sometimes the shadow is obese, exceptionally so. Sometimes it is in-ordinarily spindly and tall. Long limbs, angled strangely and ending in shapes that would suggest blades, not fingers. I’ve seen what I thought to be an old woman, once, from the shape.

Sometimes the dream revolves around my dream self just waiting for the figure to appear – but instead all “I” hear is someone attempting to open the windows, or try the doorknobs from outside.

They became most prolific around the time my mom got sick. I ended up having to spend months 350 miles from my home to take care of her. Dad was a wreck, and worked 60hours a week. The disease was necrotising fasciitis- a terrible disease that rots tissue. This is the only thing I’ve identified as being unusual/possible traumatic near the start of the dreams. Since then? I’ve averages several of these dreams a week. They’d be gone for a week or three, and then I’d have one. And then more. And then they’d stop again.

Posted 2 years ago

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