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Nuclear War Against the US

It’s right after the explosion and myself, my mother, step-father, and my sister are in our living room. There is still power and water, and only one living room window is broken. They are scrambling around trying to find something to do and I am trying to create a make-shift antenna to get service on my cell-phone. I then somehow get 5 bars and immediately send text messages to closest family (i.e. Older brothers), and to two people I am close to intimately. I then check a news source and most of the stories are parodies of the nuclear attack against the United States, and even though they are written in English, they have strong Russian and Chinese syntax errors. No one claims the attack, but the Russian Federation fully supports it. Then I see a satellite image of the US during the attack; it looks like a live feed, as you can see the mushroom clouds grow one by one, each going off in sequence. Then I see a map of the aftermath and the most noticeable targets are the Midlands/Chicago region and the central West Coast. I then remove myself from my phone and am in my brother’s home in California. He is top military personnel and is hosting President Obama and his remaining cabinet. I then see a large list of government officials in front of me, but do not know if they are dead or survived (Obama was not in this list). Then, I distinctly remember there being a much more sour mood, and I hear the shower running. I start screaming “radiation” and no one seems to understand, and they all start drinking water and walking out into the white rain. I try to get my phone from my room but there is white dust everywhere and water it coming into the room. I am running into the kitchen trying to find everyone but they are all gone, and that is when I wake up.

Posted 3 years ago

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