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Old man chasing me and trying to grab my hand

Well it started off in my house and another, i live in both of them by the way, and my family and i had put air conditioners and fans all over the place because it was pretty hot weather and even in real life, but anyways. Then i dont know what happens and my mom is waiting for me in a car which she doesn\’t have and with a stack of money saying that we need to leave because she needs to get her nails done or something, then im getting in a fight with some kid and at this point i dont know or remember why and we started fighting hitting each other and we stop and after that i dont remember what happens, but then i show up like walking and I\’m shaking everybody\’s hand as im walking infront of my school and for some reason i see some old man with glasses, a black hat , a leather jacket and blue pants with shoes around his tight blue pants with some weird high-top shoes, and for some reason as im shaking almost everyone\’s hand that i encounter i did not want to shake this old mans hand so i didn\’t and he started to chase me and i took off, so then i see to security officers infront of my school which i ask for help to hold him away from me and he kept saying that he wanted my white backpack and that he wants the keys in my white backpack something like that so i ran again and i see my grandpa talking to someone in his white car , he\’s standing outside, with the old man that was chasing me talking to my grandpa also outside, so i ran and tried punching the old man in the face and he dodged that, but i dont remember exactly what he wanted from me, i know he asked for some white backpack, but it kind of seemed like he wanted to grab my hand and take me, well thats it, pretty long dream for me it was almost like i had three dreams at the same time.

Posted 1 year ago

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