One of my dogs dying

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I watched my five pound maltese get caught in the tire of a car. Her fur and skin was ripped and hanging from her body and she was thrown in the air.

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Interpretation #1

Seeing the death of a beloved pet can be extremely tormenting. It signifies some great loss and tragedy. The dream does not certify that your dog will die shortly; however it does imply that you will be meeting tragedy and that losing a near and dear one is on the cards. Also, the fact that you remember the accident in detail as well suggests that the tormenting memory of the tragedy shall be there to haunt you. So, try and prevent the casualties which can rock your life in a catastrophic manner. So, be prepared to be extra cautious and request the same to all your acquaintances as well.

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Answered By: mukuljain (674 Points)

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Interpretation #2

It sounds as if you have more than one dog (One of my dogs.. ). So, what does this particular dog mean to you? Can you differentiate what it represents emotionally – say, as opposed to your other dogs? Try to find those emotions inside yourself. Then look at the dream as a symbol of those emotions (or what your maltese represents) as being ripped apart and thrown into the air. The dream suggests that these emotions feel shredded.   ‘thrown in the air’ further suggests that those emotions are not grounded at present they’re up in the air, probably all over the place. Something in your life has obviously upset you and your emotions connected to whatever it was feel devastated.
‘Five’ might or might not be interesting. If you always refer to your maltese as ‘my five pound maltese’ then it’s just a normal decription of your dog. But otherwise play around with the idea of ‘five’ in your imagination. Five years ago? When you were five… etc

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Answered By: Valute (8 Points)

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