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pearl harbor

i dreamed i was in the war at pearl harbor now im not in the millitary but i have this dream often and wounder what it means , i can feel the motion of the waves as we make our way to shore i can even hear the the planes over head and guns going off and as soon as we hit shore and the door drops down me and my group hull ass to the beach and behind cover i make my way to my commanding officer and he shouted out for me to look for my squad and to go make sure they make it further up the beach and some how i already knew who they were and theres no one in my life that looks like them,i think there was six of them i had to look for , bullets fly by my head and bombs are going off around me as i make my way to find the others on my way i see one of them dug into a hole that was made by one of the bombs that went off i dove in placeing my back against the dirt shouted at him making sure he was ok and told him were to go and that i was going to find the others , i gave him cover and he took off twards the commander as soon as he did i huled over to another allie i recognized, he was dug into a hole that was right infront of one of those metal things they had on the beach as i made my way over to him a grande went off behind me lunching me in the air i flew towards my allie while in the air i twised my body around so that i would land on my back and i did smack right into the dirt right next to him but i was dizzy i could barly see he looked at me shouting if i was ok told me to snap out of it and get the fuck up right when he did a grande flew into the hole with us and then i wake up

Posted 3 years ago

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