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People with glass for faces

In my dream i went to my sisters house. It was dark, night time, and for some weird reason foggy. Im not sure why u ended up at my sisters house but i do know that when i got inside the house it was really dark but still there was a small blue light that brighted the room up a little. From what i could make out there we 2 dark beings sittin on the couch, i thought that maybe it was my mom and dad so i called out to them when they turn towards me their faces were made of this light blue glass but it wasnt see through almost like they took glass shards and glued them to their faces, they stood up and began to walk towards me but they werent walking like a normal person, they were walking almost like when a dvd has scratches it and slows down and goes frame by frame. They were moveing like this towards me and they had something in their hands , as they got closer i could tell it was a long, large almost glass stake like object. I tried talking to them but as they got closer they began to raise the shards in a im about to stab youtyoe manner. At thispoint i was outthe door and saw a car in the drive way and thought, ill hide behind this car until they go back unside. As im hiding behind the car it turns on in the rear biew mirror i could could make out a sillohuette of someone . i began to scream as the back up over me , i sat back up and my suprise no injurys were on me . i decided i need ed to run , i ran , and i ran , and ran i ubtil i made to some sort of festival where lots of people were i tried getting help but whenever i went to some one screaming its like i was invisible and they couldnt hear me . they looked through me like i was a peice of glass. I woke uo after this in a sweaty and scared state it was so disturbing.

Posted 1 year ago

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