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Well, I dreamt that my ex lover and I who I still have strong feelings for were on a road trip with this blonde little girl who I’m assuming was our daughter. I don’t have any kids in real life though. But, as I was saying, we were headed to Puerto Rico and he was driving, the little girl was in the passenger seat, and I was in the back. When we got there, I noticed that the apartment was all pink. Well, from the inside at least. I looked around before hearing a baby’s lullaby music coming from upstairs. Curious, we went up to see where it was coming from. My ex peered into the room alone and walked out to tell me to not go in because I would “wake her up”. Confused, I reminded him that he told me that this whole floor would be rented out for us. He responded that there were still people living IN the apartment. I didn’t understand..But didn’t question it. When I was back downstairs, I noticed there was a rack full of I’d say maybe 15 pigeons all bundled up looking at me on the top shelf. I struck this as odd, but turned for some reason to check up on the little girl to find her in the living room reading a book. When I went back to look for my ex, he was nowhere to be found. When I went back to where I found the rack, there was only one pigeon left. It stared at me. And for some reason, it reminded me of my ex. It flew to a high ledge of a window to my right and stared at me, waiting for something it felt. I reached out for it, and it landed on my knuckle. I reached out to pet it and it cooed, nuzzling into my fingers. It’s tiny red eyes seemed to look through me. After a while, it fluttered its wings and flew away. When I went back to the living room, I found the girl talking to someone besides her who I couldn’t see. When I asked her who she was talking to, she replied with saying it was her friend, a girl. When I asked if I could talk to her, she turned to nothing and waited before saying the girl had told her she didn’t like me and refused to talk to me. I then asked if she knew what happened to her father. She opened the book she was reading and flipped to a page where there was a picture of a pigeon. I woke up after that, confused.

Posted 2 years ago

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