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Planes crashing

I normally never remember my dreams but this one I can remember ever second clear as day.

It started off with me standing in my mother’s living room window enjoying the sunny day. My mom was behind me cleaning. I noticed a plane flying above, I then notice a second plane. It shot the first plane and it started falling and crashed in the city across the water causing a huge mushroom of fire. I started screaming for my mother! We both looked in horror. She said we must leave; I got in the car with her and her boyfriend as well as my two younger brothers.

Suddenly, we were standing on a road a few mins up the street on the sidewalk. A third plane appears and is shot down. It lands in the water right in front of us and causes a huge mushroom wave. My mom screams we have to go.

We start running up the street towards home. All of a sudden my older younger brother vanishes but I could see him in my head up the street just standing there. Next the earth ahead of us cracks to the core. My youngest brother, who was ahead of is, fell in. He died. Instantly, I shook my head and said nope can’t handle that and he appeared right beside me. Then we appear home instantly but it’s only my mom, youngest brother and myself.

My boyfriend and cat live across the water. I start screaming I have to go get them, they don’t even know we’re under attack! Mom agrees and sends me on my way.

All of a sudden I’mbin my car driving on the highway it is now ppitch black and I can’t even see the lines on the road. No light what so ever. I was in a daze and when I shook out of it Iwas like omg where am I? I instantly remembered I was going to get my bf and cat. Suddenly a green road sign appears but just that. It says a town that is in the opposite direction of where I’m suppose to be going. I think OK I have to turn around. I come to a busted up dead end with broken concrete blockers and a flashing sign saying dead end. It was very narrow, I tried to turn around and my car slipped over the edge the second my foot came off the brake peddle. I fell to my death but right before I hit the ground I shook my head and said I can’t handle this and suddenly appeared back in my moms living room window saying I need to go get my bf.

As I’m standing there another plane is shot down and hit the apt building across the street from my bf’s and the mushroom cloud of fire engulfed his entire apt building but his and his neighbors. I start freaking out I have to get him.

I get there and I’m yelling at him don’t you know we are under attack and he was confused. Suddenly, I’m standing in his bedroom window with him gone, my mom standing behind me and my cat on the window sill and I’m stroking him.

I’m staring out the window like a zombie. I can then see out the window and it’s a bunch of cops and such with all these ropes pulling something out of the water. They get it out and it’s a giant propeller.

I thenwake up freaking out! It was 5:36! I wake my bf crying and he tells me I’m safe and go back to sleep. I felt nothing but uneasy. I went back to sleep and kept reliving it. I woke at 730 and was still freaking out I look outside and the sunrise had tinged everything orange and I started freaking out thinking I was still in my dream and it happened. It was sooo real but sooo crazy.

Posted 2 years ago

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