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Planes falling out the sky

My dream had two different events which for me were so real and usual, as I rarely remember my dreams and never feel like I have died.

Part 1 of the dream was I was standing out in a field when I looked up in the sky a number of planes seemed to be finding it difficult to remain at their altitude, it was like the pilots were struggling, one by one the planes all seemed to be falling from the sky and crashing. Looking at the sky it was like there was some sort of distortion happening in the atmosphere… when I woke the first thing that came to my mind was change in the earth’s plates.
I fell asleep fairly quickly and the next part of the dream was worse. This time I was standing in a house looking out the window, across the horizone I saw two fighter planes coming towards the houses in front of me. They hit the houses and all I felt was the whole impact of the planes exploding and hitting me. It then felt I was dying and I was eperiencing the death process. I really felt I was dead and struggling for life. The next thing was I grabbed for my arm to let me know I was still alive and then I woke up. I felt my heart racing and even after 3 hours sleep afterwards I woke feeling really stressed.
It is very rare that I can recall my dreams and can’t remember a dream that felt so real.

Some people say your dreams can reflect what’s happening and what you may have been watching on the telly, but the last few nights I haven’t had the chance to watch the news or films and I have nothing major happening in my life that could cause this… my life at the moment is really good. I hope someone out their can help interpret the dream…. I just hope it’s not a premonition for the future

Posted 2 years ago

Interpretations (23)

Interpretation #1

Planes in your dream represent the memories that you keep on holding to, that you are reminded of everyday, that literally ‘float‘ in your mind. The planes were crashing, this means that the memories will soon stop annoying you, they will be either forgotten, or dealt with. 

The second part of the dream, which two fighter planes were crashing into your house, and you felt pain, could mean that for some memories, trying to forget, can be a difficult struggle. But, once you forget, you are free, free from the “bombs” (bombs represent reminders of memories) the fighter planes are sending. 

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Answered By: fatefate( points Novice)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

I dreamt planes where falling out of the sky they were exploding and crashing to the ground people were running trying to get out of the way. Next I looked up and there were planes everywhere. Then parachutes were coming out of them people were landing with guns like there was an invasion. I felt really scared. Then I looked down and some one had taken my shoes.

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Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

The planes falling from the sky Looks like a global power outage. Some dreams could predict the future, but most are just the brain processing information since the brain is most active when you are asleep then awake. However, your dream represents a tv show I just saw yesterday tv show revolution first episode Pilot Assuming you had the dream first this could be an event that could happen in the future, but unlikely to happen. The dream of your near death from fighter planes crashing into home happened a few months ago in Virginia, but it was one plane and no one died.

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Interpretation #4 by Anonymous

Actually I also had a dream referring to planes crashing before it happened. Here is what happened I was walking outside and two planes collided. Instead of crashing and bursting into flame one plane pushed the other plane and both where now flying in the same direction, one tail first and one nose first. This happened the year before 9/11. The dream occurred When I was 9 years old.

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Interpretation #5 by Anonymous

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Interpretation #6 by Anonymous


I am one who dreams everysingle night and in my dreams just the sight of an airplane in the sky always puts fear in my heart … everytime i see one in the sky, they are usually big white and wierd looking. one of these 3 things usually happens to the plane in the sky, 
1. they fall out the sky crashing down. 
2. they crash into buildings, Usually the future NY skyline. 
3. They Drop an atomic bomb
Now in my real life, i dont fear planes, i actually love them. I dont fear hights. Life is also going very very well for me. 
So with that said, why is it that i keep having these wierd dreams. and why is it that everytime i look up this dream online tons of people have the same exact dream as I? 
I think its a tad bit more than a coincidence? Anyone agree? 
What do you think?

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Interpretation #7 by Anonymous

I was on a cliff with a waterfall interacting with numerous people, when suddenly a space NASA shuttle comes falling out the sky, so I run home to earn everyone, I hear it and see it getting bigger and bigger teen I realize its going to land about 1 yard away so I jump on my niece to try and cover her when I hear the loudest explosion ever, then I woke up

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Interpretation #8 by Anonymous

hi omg i just had the same exact dream !!! i cany believe what im reading in ur  first part of ur dream .. thats crazy …i had the same dream about an hr ago ..about seeing these airplanes coming in they were fine headed for the landing strip then they would lose control of theplane rt before they landed then crash ..

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Interpretation #9 by Anonymous

Okay we’ll I am completely shocked right now! I had the same EXACT dream as you last night. i started to google an interpretation and I came across this and fell in shock because we experienced the same exact thing. I saw the distortion in the sky and the same issues with the planes!!! I read the first response and I believe he/she is correct. Wow, it’s crazy come we had the same dream

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Interpretation #10 by Anonymous

i had the same dream the first paet

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Interpretation #11 by Anonymous

i have same dreams periodically, better to ask some psychoanalyst, these things have to do something with collective unconscious

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Interpretation #12 by Anonymous

It is 12/17/2012 and there has been a lot of hype about the end of the world on 12/21/2012.  This is impacting my dreams.  I dreamed of a rocket launch then crash onto a hillside and debris flying/sliding down the slope towards me.  A man in a flight suit ended up against my home and right at my feet.  He was still moving and struggling to survive.  I called for help… The house had turned into an igloo and when help arrived, the man’s body caused the side to cave in, the warm blood had soaked into the snow and melted it away.  Later I was outside with my wife and looked up and I could see several planes smoking and crashing down to the land. They were all over at varying distances.  I told my wife, it has begun. I was calm and  waiting out our doom.  My thought in the dream was a gravity increase had taken place and I was wondering why I did not feel heavier. 

I think plane crash dreams have several sources.  My mind justified a potential apocalyptic situation and outcome. I don’t believe the Mayan calendar means anything and I am sure humanity will still be here hundreds to thousands of years past 12/21/2012.  I think people in war zones or in the military or even whom fly often will be more likely to have plane crash dreams because we all know how dangerous flight is.  We know the odds are low to be involved in a plane crash but we also know that there are single point of failures and things that can happen that will guarantee a plane crash.  I believe plane crash dreams are normal for humanity as it is one of our fears.  This can be likened to dreams about bears or packs of dogs to our ancestors.  Our subconscious tells us what is dangerous and gives us a choice. 

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Interpretation #13 by Anonymous

ok, just woke up from a disturbing dream….. the plane did not crash, it ejected about 50 people from it.. i could not watch even though it was a dream.

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Interpretation #14

The plane dreams are prophetic.
Look around you as to what is going on in the world.  This Nation has abandoned God.  Our creator is sending signs and warnings that he is fed up with our shenanigans.  That said, make sure you know Jesus as your personal savior…we are on borrowed time.
Some of the dreams may have to do with your individual circumstances but everyone having the same dreams is a warning of things to come.  Be grateful you are in the know.  Not too many people will be afforded this gift, to know before hand of things to come.  Don\’t dismiss them and don\’t ignore them.  I have been dreaming prophetically since I was 6.  I have been interpreting by the leading of the Holy Spirit since I was 16.  I am now 50. 
100% of my dreams are prophetic.
99.99% of the interpretations are right on point.  At times I may misinterpret a color or two.  Never, the time frame and never the message.
Be blessed.

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Answered By: bridge(3 points Novice)
Interpretation #15 by Anonymous

I  had been bothered recently with those dreams about planes falling from the sky, is usually night in my dream and this last one don’t let me sleep well, It was a big airbus falling 2 streets from where I live and I watched the explosions  it was night and I was really frighten, I was also frighten after I woke up and it has been 2 days since I dream it and the fear is still on me; it had been almost 4-5-6 months since I started dreamed about things falling from the sky or being in the sky, something that is gonna hurt us, and all of them appear bight later to be revealed as meteors, planes or either UFOS.

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Interpretation #16 by Anonymous

I was very curious about the date of your dream (June 22, 2013 I figured out) and if there were any plane crashes that day. I searched and there were two. One in W Virginia and one in Indonesia. You may have a gift.
I was searching about plane crash dreams because I had one last night May 17, 2013. It was VERy clear and strong and very much felt like a premonition. I don’t think I have ever dreamt of planes. I have a feeling the plane number is 101 or 107.

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Interpretation #17 by Anonymous

I must share i have a gift of prophecy and this scared me. I was with a group of people in a vehicle when we heard the sounds of a plane in stereo and very close we looked to see a plane falling to our left then realized there was another two on our right we abandoned the vehicle to find shelter as more were appearing to fall in the distance we found a warehouse with several storage type rooms with heavy metal garage doors and took shelter there when the noise of planes grew silent we went out the back to see people being shot and came to realize we were under militant attack from another country guess which one…we wound up being a large group of people around two hundred or so willing to fight and arming our self to go to war. This was happening all over the country. The feeling i got was the planes being shot down and something being done to the systems in the planes like an emp blast as a weapon. I knew i was dreaming at the time but it felt like the truth.

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Interpretation #18 by Anonymous

I’ve been having the same kind of a dream about planes invading the sky and sometimes those planes crash onto the land and I always wake up very frightened and shaking… I believe these dreams mean something and we need to take them seriously.

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Interpretation #19 by Anonymous

I’m always dream about things falling out of the sky & of planes dropping things down. This morning it was jet planes dropping small toy planes & they announced to tigh the toy planes to our luggage, as if that’s how we would be safe. The thing is that my mother God rest her soul was with me & I gave her the toy plane as she was packing the luggage with so much concern & worry expressed on her face.
I love looking to the sky. I make sure that I look up once a day especially at night but these dreams always leave me a bit disturb.

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Interpretation #20 by Anonymous

I have these plane dreams as well, and one involving a lot of poisoness chemicals, I believe that these both are glimpses of what’s to come, chem trails are beginning to really become widespread and I can taste the impurity of the air, our time is short. Love your brother and sister, we are of one conscious.

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Interpretation #21 by Anonymous

Had a terrible dream last night. I was in Mexico (never actually been there) and there was a plane about to crash into a resort but then it just started to hover. Suddenly I was back in my home in Michigan, and a plane crashed a couple blocks away. Had me terrified.

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Interpretation #22

Oh, I believe the dreams are prophetic. I’ve had quite a few such, in my time – though not this one, that I can remember. However, I’m unsurprised that they can’t find the Malay(s)ian one, or that it fell; the whole affair is so rotten you probably could smell it at the bottom of the Indian Ocean! [And how come nobody knows how deep it is? How long have we had submarines?... radar? .... sonar? ....]

The problem is that people running any industry nowadays do so on degrees they’ve ‘bought’ — not on intellectual or technical ability. Furthermore, they run on marxist-fed ideological fuel: and that has nothing to do with Truth or understanding.

In short: They know not what they do.

My much-trusted subconscious already made contact with my conscious mind on this one. I don’t need to dream it: I fully expect the sky to start raining aeroplanes, e’er long.

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Answered By: michael(2 points Novice)
Interpretation #23 by Anonymous

I dream the same. Last night it was about me being on a train and started to go around a turn as I looked back to see a plane not able to gain altitude and crash into a huge propane tank as I said not while were on the turn its gonna flip us.
A different ‘re occurring is I am by the air port and they are coming in but cant make it to the strip and start crashing aroumd me as I keep running to avoid them

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