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Planes, Ocean, Spirits

The first part of my dream, me and my boyfriend, who live together, were in my “dad’s house”, who actually lives with us. My dad wasn’t supposed to know we were there though, we were in the attic looking for some object that we knew was up there that would help us call a spirit we needed. In the dream, my dad heard us in the attic, so we hid in two random places so he wouldn’t find us. He ended up sleeping up there in some chair and then eventually realized we were there and was okay with it (so why were we hiding?)
The next part of my dream, I was in an ‘airport’ (never actually flown before) and the woman at the desk said my phone wasn’t working, so I couldn’t get on the plane. I got upset and followed her around for a bit asking why this meant I couldn’t get on the plane. Off into the distance, I saw this theme park ride that I am familar with that’s called Chaos, one car of the ride was spinning madly with people in it. At that point, my phone rang, and it was my dad, the airport had been calling him instead of me, once they realized this, I could ride the plane.
So while still on the phone with him, I am standing on a beach with two old friends from my distant past talking about how I am scared to ride a plane for the first time. Then, in the ocean (this was all on a beach) I see a plane take off but it is dragging about 100-150 rafts on Cubans, like it was rescuing them or something.
My friends scream “go get on those rafts! that’s your plane!” However, I refuse to do this yelling at them that it is too dangerous and I let the plane take off with the rafts.
Right as the plane goes away, my friend dies, in an extremely violent way, blood and everything, right in front of me. In the dream, I understood her death to be from “abortion”??
Then I continue talking to my dad telling him everything that just happened on the phone, seeming to believe that not only did my friend die, but so did all the Cubans and I would have too if I would have got on the plane/rafts.
Any ideas what all this means???

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

Dreams of flying represent success. The fact that you were scared of the plane, means that you have a phobia of the great responsibilities that come with success. 

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Answered By: fatefate( points Novice)

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