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Potential lover vomiting water on my bed..

I was sitting in my bedroom, on my bed, talking calmly with male friend whom suddenly vomited clear water and foam on my bed. I did not get upset nor disgusted, simply got up and started to clean up. In real life, he has shown interest in pursuing a romantic relation but I have not accepted his advances because he is in a committed relationship of 3 yrs with his girlfriend and they live together. Our friendship started as co-workers and has blossom into a nice one. He had also recently dreamt about his swimming pool collapsing into a sinkhole, same night. Please help.. thanks!

Posted 12 months ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

This dreama sounds like a warning from your subconscious about pursuing a romantic wntanglement with this man, as \”entanglement\” is just what it would be. This is a warning for several reasons: he is already involved in a deeply committed relationship yet he is coming on to you, so you know he is a person of low moral character and will cheat on you just as he is cheating on his current partner, if he even left her at all. You deserve better than being a third wheel.

Second, he is clearly having issues in his own life that go deeper than just his moral failings, as indicated by his dream of his pool collapsing into a sinkhole. He has clearly not built his home on solid ground; he lacks good, stable foundations, and he is paying the price for this, and so will you if you become involved with him.

Whatever he is dealing with will only get worse, not better, and this is not something you can help him with or \”fix\” for him, nor is it your responsibility to do so. Trying will only bring you pain and wasted enwrgy and time in the end and wil not change his situation.

If he is to change, he has to do so on his own, but be forewarned that this is not likely to happen. Your bst bet is to move on. It is generally never a good idea to mix business and pleasure, and for good reasons. It muddies the waters on both sides of the equation and it is difficult to use our best judgment, and we can often end up endangering our livelihood inadvertently.

He is vomiting the water on your bed because he has brought his problems into your life and is vomiting them all over your bed, the heart of your home, where you sleep, where you feel safest. He has brought stress into your life already whether you consciously realise it or not that he is causing you nightmares. Your subconscious is doing you a huge favor here and giving you a huge red flag to keep it peofessional with this person and not get too involved. You are better than him and deserve better. If you are seriously entertaining the idea of getting involved here (or already have), you may want to look at working on self-esteem, because as I said, you are worth so much more than this.

Bringing your dirty laundry to work in the form of an affair with an attached man sends a message to your coworkers about how you see yourself as well, whether you realise it or not. In order to be successful in life, you need to surround yourself with others who are strong and successful and confident in themselves. You need to work on feeling and projecting this as well in order to attract these kinds of people, not low-down cheaters with collapsing foundations. When that ground gives way, he will drown in his own folly. Leave that sinking ship to its own devices; heed your inner wisdom and don\’t get sucked into the mire yourself.

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Answered By: Lifeonerth(9 points Novice)

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