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To start off I’ve always had weird dreams but this one, although not very long left me not confused but wondering why I had it. So from the start of it, I receive either a call or text from my apparent doctor saying that I was going into labor but I didn’t feel anything. Then to the only person I texted was my best friend, stating that I was going into labor but not in a “OMG! ITS TIME, TIME! HE/SHE IS COMING!” it was just a casual text telling her that, and then to my surprise I looked at myself in a mirror but all I could see was NOT a pregnant stomach but only my regular flat stomach. Then to make things more weird for unconscious self, I remember feeling my stomach all over and feeling a well formed baby, it’s head, body, legs, and feet. Then the dream fast forwards itself to where I going into the room of what is suppose to be the hospital (it looked like if it were a bedroom) and no one was with me but the room was already occupied (the room had only one bed) but they told me to not worry they were on their way out (it was a person that I recognized with another one that I couldn’t make out a face to him). After they left a while passes I leave the hospital because apparently the doctor said I wasn’t in labor anymore but I don’t recall seeing in my dream anyone, much less the doctor go tell me anything, and well to finish my dream it once again fast forwarded to me heading home.

Posted 1 year ago

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Interpretation #1

expect from life something new, your wishes will come true .

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Answered By: jessiiebabbiie(3 points Novice)

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