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The dream started in my current home in my parents room. My fiancé was standing in front of me and I was in a pair of pajamas and I look at my stomach and I could feel the pregnancy. It felt so real I can still feel it even though Im awake. The heaviness of my stomach, the pain in my back, and the anxiety of maybe being in labor. I looked at my fiancé and then to my pajama bottoms and I could see blood was appearing. Dark red blood everywhere. I put my hand on my stomach and looked at my fiancé again; and told him Im in labor I think. I was confused because I could feel the baby kicking ferioisly under my hand. I walked downstairs into the garage my fiancé was no where to be seen; I saw my mother and begged her to go to the hospital with me but she seemed angry and didnt want to come with me. My uncle appeared in a old mini van; this uncle just lost his father a week ago. He is the one in my dream who is driving me to the hospital. Then he stops in the middle of no where while Im in labor bleeding everywhere I wasnt sure if my baby would make it..I can still feel the fear and pain from this dream…my dream changed course and I saw my father laying in his bed while I stood and watched him dream and him squirm in his dream…I then prayed to wake up and repeated a prayer…and I finally did…this dream the pregnancy Ive never seen felt something so real and scary…please tell me why would I dream this??? Im exhausted and havent slept I usually am dreamless when Im exhausted and only dream when I have a good amount of sleep…

Posted 10 months ago

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