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President and Michelle Obama

I dreamed I spent the night in a simple place, perhaps a cabin of sorts, and went to the kitchen to get my coffee. Obama and Michelle were there. Obama was to my left behind me and moved a little right slightly behind me, and was trying to put coffee creamer in his coffee. It looked nasty in his cup with yellowish, half-filled mess. So I handed him some real creamer like I use at home with a smile. We didn’t talk but Michelle was talking with someone at the doorway of the tiny kitchen. Then I was supposed to find better clothing for Michelle as her’s didn’t look great. No one told me to do it, I just found some. There was a blond younger man speaking with me periodically throughout the dream. When I found the garments that might fit her and look more presentable, I went to look for her in the cabin. There were various people there so I asked where she was and someone said she was in the shower. I tried to find the shower and her but never did connect. It seemed earlier in the dream I had spoken with her about it all. The guy with blonde hair seemed to be interested in me until he saw me without much makeup or my hair pieces (plainer). He had been encourageable earlier but slightly backed off towards the end of the dream. It was as if I were trying to tell and show the President and First lady that there was a better way. I did not support Obama’s views but this is the second dream of him. The last was Election night, 2008 with Angels and future for all in the dream, finances for the US and both political parties. I used to be involved slightly in politics and even DC but very briefly and as a Pastor. I am female. That dream then came to pass as has all the ones I had of Presidents since prior to Ronald Reagan when I dreamed he became President and got shot, but lived. Often my dreams as witnessed by others have come literally to pass. I also teach dream interpretation and believe it first has to do with us, before looking for literal meanings. Nonetheless, many of mine have been literal not only for myself but others say the ones I interpreted for them tended to be quite accurate. I am a very spiritual person but also very logical and not gullible about it. This one however does surprise me. Can you help? Thank you!

Posted 9 months ago

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