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Prop plane, grass landing strip, building a bigger primative airport..

Dream notes:
1) Full colour dream
2) Low level lucidity DILD, occured through dream features
3) Very vivid, with strong recall
4) Other notes… vit. B50 complex & 550mg fish oil dietary supplements taken (underlying condition)

I remember being in the dream scene during daylight hours…
The sky was only slightly cloudly, with the sun shining, it was warm, with a light breeze.

I was at a grass landing strip, with a small lapp-board build shed.. There were broad leaved trees around two sides of the perimeter of the airfield, and on the other two sides, golden corn fields.

The ‘runway’ was marked out on the grass using creosote(black) and whitewash (white) for all the edge, and centreline markings.

The grass runway was so realistic, that at the very end, was a flat concrete slab embedded in the grass, with indented and painted white ’04’ runway number…
… The number didn’t remain consistant (it changed) if I looked away and back… I remember it changing to ‘random’ characters…

…. Internal thought… (also thinking about having no memory how I got here)… This is has to be a dream! … decided to ‘go with the flow’

After an unknown time exploring the dream scene, being aware that its not real… an aircraft landed on the grass landing strip…

It was a squarish bodied prop plane, with aluminium corrugated bodywork… (like a ford trimotor plane that I’ve looked up online)
… There was a red and green circular emblem on the aircraft body..

… The plane came in and people disembarqued, and used the small shed as a primative terminal… I recall seeing another plane in the distance coming in to land, and had a ‘dream mission’ idea that I needed to build the field up into a much larger airport…

… Storyline jump ahead… I’ve (somehow) got gangs of people moving bits of wood around, and carpenters etc building a huge (still wooden lapp-board) building… The build goes well, but I find out (somehow) the the locals are unhappy with me developing the field… But somehow, the work gets completed…
(Dont recall any heavy machinary being used for build… all done with saws, hammers & hand tools, people power & horses!!)

Its a really busy airfield nowadays… (No jets though!!!), and still grass runway, and ‘primative’ lapp-board terminal.

I remember going into my ‘terminal’ … Entering the building caused a scene change, from what I’d expect to see in there, to a stone spiral staircase, with stone walls (like inside a castle turrett).. which was not very well lit…

I think the dream was fading out at this point… No further recall ….

Posted 4 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

The dream infers that life puts you through a lot of different challenges and many a times it is the plans that you make which will help you in making the right choices that can help you in dealing with the problems that you are facing at hand. So, you need to analyze the different situation, make a sound plan and then implement it. It is only when you do so that you will be able to handle the different details and you can then excel in dealing with the problems that life may throw on your road. So, work upon the dynamics and solve the troubles.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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