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Protecting my baby and daughter.

I was with my baby trying to get her to sleep and my grandma’s coo coo clock went off. It wasn’t her house and she is deceased. I was afraid it would scare my baby, but it didn’t. She just stared at it. On it’s last coo coo it turned into some bigger brown fowl and screeched all over the place. My mom and dad were there and I told them frantically about it and they were mildly annoyed as if it were normal and my dad chased it out. After that I took my baby and older daughter outside, it was a field. Airplanes started flying low to the ground as if they were trying not to crash, but they did. After that, a huge round space ship appeared with lots of windows all around, and it appeared to be crashing as well. Although I do remember being scared of it because it was out of the norm, even in a dream. After that people were scrambling. Explosions were happening all around. I couldn’t find my parents, but found my kids. I told them follow me. It’s okay. But I was so scared. I kept trying to find help, even on the streets. I was like a beggar woman. I walked everywhere except the main roads asking people for help, but they were kind of scary and sketchy themselves and nobody would help us. I begged for help, even said my baby is starving, no help. It was the most helpless awful dream one could have. I kept wandering what happened to my parents too. The streets looked kind of familiar? It seemed like an end of the world scenario, but only in my town wherever it was.

Posted 3 years ago

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