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Pulled out my own teeth

So I’ve had this dream a few times now, but every time I try to research it myself, nothing really “fits” if that makes sense.

So in the dream, for whatever reason I’m feeling around in my mouth with my tongue. But the top of my mouth feels a bit too small for my tongue, so I start poking at my teeth only to find that there’s large bits of metal on them that for some reason in the dream I just sort of “know” they were put there by a dentist.
But they’re uncomfortable in my mouth, so I start pushing them and feeling them more with my tongue, and they come loose. I reach into my mouth, and pull them out, only to find my teeth are inside the metal pieces. My mouth isn’t bleeding a lot, but there is blood on the teeth, and I can taste the blood on the spots where my teeth had been. It’s only the teeth on the top side of my mouth. The front teeth are fine, as are all of them on the bottom. It didn’t hurt when they came out either, which I found strange.

I don’t know if this will be important, but I’m scared of the dentist (more so the idea of people shoving things in my mouth), and I’ve always been squeamish about blood when it comes from my mouth, so immediately in the dream I felt scared. And then I wake up.

Is there ANYONE who can break this down into a meaning? Please?? I’m so confused by it.

Posted 1 year ago

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