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pulling loose teeth and feelind scared that I lost about six of them.

I dreamt then I noticed I had a loose tooth wich was very odd since I am 25. I wiggled it with my toungue and pulled ot out, then over the course of the dream I lost about 5 more I would say…. some of them were oddly shapped. I remember my family being there and we all were at the house I grew up at. I remember feelinf feeling scared in my dream or maybe a sense of panick……. I dont know. Then that was that.

Posted 4 years ago

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Interpretation #1

I’ve had this dream before. Since the dream surrounds your family and you had a sense of panic I will lean more towards your appearance or the way your are reflected or received by your family. Maybe you are afraid of doing something that will let them down. Maybe there is a situation in your waking life or a decision you need to make you feel will not be accepted by your family.

Family relationships can be the hardest to maintain but be at ease everything will fall in place. Or your teeth will fall out whichever comes first. LOL

Be blessed.

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Answered By: craziestdreamsever(8 points Novice)

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