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Pulling out my teeth

Basically, I’ve been having this reoccurring dream. I used to have it a lot, then it stopped, and now it’s happening again.

I’m in my hallway mirror looking at myself, smiling. I open my mouth and poke my tongue at a tooth I can feel is loose. Then I reach in my mouth and pull it out. I smile wider and start pulling other teeth out of my mouth, and blood is just pouring down my chin but I keep smiling and pulling out my teeth. I can actually feel the teeth come out of my gums, which is rather disturbing, haha. After all my teeth are out I reach to the top of my face and start pulling of strips of skin and sticking them on the wall beside the mirror and laughing and they slide down the wall. I wake up at that point.

So wut does it mean?

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (5)

Interpretation #1

It is disturbing but the fact that you do not experience any kind of pain suggests that it does not have a negative connotation. So, it might mean that you have an appetite for adventure. Definitely, taking out your teeth from the gum or peeling part of your facial skin is a daring job that is extremely painful. But, you are reveling in the pain and do not feel any emotion. This means that you have the ability to tolerate all the hard pains of life and take it all with smile. So, cheers to your bravery and keep smiling even when you are stuck with discomforting time. However, make sure you do not become ruthless and devoid of emotions!

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Answered By: mukuljain(674 points Unconsciousness Hero)
Interpretation #2

Teeth symbolize confidence.
Pulling out your teeth mans that your confidence is decreasing, so be careful, and get some self-help manuals. 

Also, blood-loss symbolizes the drainage of emotions. You are getting depressed. 

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Answered By: fatefate( points Novice)
Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

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Interpretation #4 by Anonymous

Pulling out Teeth. In my dream for school in science class we needed a human tooth. So I waited till i was home, looked myself in the mirror for a few minutes, I felt that my tooth was loose so I pull it out. Then for some reason I take out my eyeball. When I take it out, there wasn’t any blood or bleeding. With the eyeball in my left hand, I looked in the mirror I see something in the black hole. I look closer and I see the Galexy, I look at it so long that I fell out. This was my first time having a dream of me pulling out teeth, but the next night I had a similar dream about me pulling out 2-3 teeth. 

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Interpretation #5 by Anonymous

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