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Pulling tangled hair from my throat and coughing up hair balls

I dreamt that I was in Portland (a place Ive lived off and on) walking the streets with friends. I start to feel like something is in my throat so I cough and I feel hair come up, I start to pull it out and its a long chunk of my tangled hair (tangled similarly to hair in a drain). I keep wandering around and keep pulling hair from my throat, or coughing up hair balls of different sizes. It wasn’t very difficult, except the longer chunks simply took longer to pull from my throat. I’m in public and the thought of embarassment crosses my mind but I’m just not embarassed. I end up sitting at a table with girls I dont know and I had been collecting the hair I was pulling up and had it sitting in front of me on the table. The girls notice whats happening and ask if Im ok, I tell them yHad the weirdest dream about coughing up hair balls of all different sizes. It was crazy..I just kept pulling long tangled hair from my throat or coughing out little hair balls. And then I was wondering how it got there..I knew I didnt eat it so I thought it absorbed through my scalp and down into my stomach…lol wonder what that means. es and apologize for my collected hair and remove it from the table, but I still wasn’t embarassed. I remember thinking I couldn’t have accidentally eaten all that hair, and then I come to the conclusion that it must have absorbed through my head and into my stomach.

Just curious what this means, it was very vivid.

Posted 3 years ago

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