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Purple energy

Hello, I know you busy so I will try to keep it short! I have been having some strange dreams lately. The first dream- I was in a house, facing a group of unknown people who were possessed. Someone next to me, I could not see them, had a picture of my deceased uncle (from his military days in Korea) and a piece of old paper from which they began reading. It started raining in a stationary spot to my left. The read from the paper again and the rain stopped, the picture and the paper disappeared. I began praying to Lord’s prayer, and on of the demons in the possessed person told me I missed a word. I continued praying and woke up still saying the prayer. 2nd dream- I was at what looked like a college dorm and apparently I was a part of a group that was being temporarily housed there. I had made friends with some of the ladies there, and my ex best friend had come to visit. We decided to go to a basketball game, and the one of the ladies I had made friends with did not want me to go. I told her that I had a babysitter and I just wanted to go out and have a good time. I could feel that the woman was mad. I went on with my ex friend. The dream then turned to a town. It looked a lot like the Southeastern part of the country. My children and I had decided to take a walk through town and we ended up at this white house. We went in and we meet the lady that lived there. She was in her mid to late 30’s, brown haired with a white slip-like dress on. She says to me “you are one of us”. Then she shows me myself and I have purple/light purple energy coming off of me (like a low rolling ). She then shows me how to get ghost and change there energy into anything I want. She then tells me that my daughter is like me. I say to her that I bet it is my middle daughter she says no, its my oldest. Then she gets in the bed and goes to sleep. I look down at my hands and I have turned a ghost into a purple scroll and it has a message from my first boyfriend, and it says you need to leave, they are trying to keep you there. The dream then flashes to me and my kids in my car, and we are driving under an awning at a library (I have never seen) trying to act normal as we are trying to escape the town. A little girl comes from behind the library sign waves for my son to come to her. He gets out of the car and goes over to him. She tries to get him to come behind the sign with her. I pull over to her and point at her and tell her I know what she is. She looks at me then goes back behind the sign and I wake up. These are strange and I just wanted to know if anyone can interrupt them.

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (6)

Interpretation #1

Something strange is surely about to happen. The very first dream showed the demons and they were possessed and in the second dream you see how you almost turned into a ghost and later found your son to be taken by them. Therefore, the dream is symbolic of the troubled times ahead. Something extremely strange might happen and the supernatural elements may have a role to play. You are surely not a purple ghost but it does mean that some stranger might enter your life and his/her presence can make your life ghostly and painful to live. So, brace up for some tough times ahead and prayers are the only thing that can come to your rescue.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)
Interpretation #2

Hi Annie. Thanks for your help. I was actually not turned into a ghost, but rather she told me I could change the ghost energy into what ever I wanted. Also, these dreams started after bouts of deju vu when I began renting the house that I live in now. The purple energy was coming off of me, surrounding me and rolling off my body. Like heat.

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Answered By: orp8428(9 points Novice)
Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

I only saw purple energy the other day. Just a cloud of it. What was weird was it only could be seen right as the house was making a knocking sound. I’m researching the things I’ve been seeing lately and I noticed that purple is a color of knowledge. If a ghost person is trying to teach you, purple is the color they would show you. This thing might have knowlege for you.

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Interpretation #4

the first dream was an attack by a lying spirit. structurally the dead and the living have no communion.the unknown people are dead spirits trying to get your attention with false signs and wonders.its a good thing that the first thing that came to your mind was means you are spiritually alert even in your sleep.however i must urge you to learn the lords prayer and most of all learn to quote scriptures especially scriptures on warfare.these then brings me to the second dream..purple is the colour of ROYALTY .clearly you and your first daughter have a special gift and amonst your ranks you are considered royalty.what i cant tel is whether the woman in white is evil or good..(did you feel scared around her)this will determine if this gift you have is for good or evil.. good news is you can use this gift to fight evil after dedicating it back to the one who gives all gifts and talents. i have a strong feeling god has called you and your 1st daughter in spiritual war fare. read books about this ,pray and read the bible concerning the same.rem in both dreams you are fighting evil.

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Answered By: ochibopepe(25 points Dream Interpreter)
Interpretation #5 by Anonymous

I had this dream yesterday night. Someone called me, a very close friend of mine and also like my second Mom. She told that I am happy you are already Violet.I dont know what she meant by that. thanks

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Interpretation #6 by Anonymous

All I can say is, that one dream where you have purple going through you…no one here I guess knows anything about auras -_- the purple is the highest frequency and is the color related to the seventh chakra related to the third eye..its a completely spiritual and intuitive color. The lady that said you and your oldest is one of them could be a couple of things, either you just simply want to be special in life, or because of the purple energy it means you are spiritual like you can communicate with nature and possibly ghosts and angels,

your welcome

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